About us

Meet Our Team

Founder and Management

Stan Singh
Founder & Principal Consultant
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Jimmy Lim Keh Heng
Vice President – Systems Development
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Jesudas Joseph
Vice President – Managed Services
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Leow Woon Pin
Vice President – Project Management

Our Story

Ironhorse Asia brings 86 years of retail and financial industry experiences as our value proposition to your Organisation whether it is in-store POS requirement, Head Office merchandising needs, warehousing, supply chain management, web-store, internet business, social media consultation, maximizing return on investment via customer analytics, harnessing on merchandising analytics, managing & forecasting inventory, workflow management, document control management, data replication, disaster recovery or bringing new architecture to legacy application for your business and operations.

We provide simple and cost-effective solutions for your business on how GST impacts transactions in your business.

Our Purpose


To be the premier Organisation equipped with business and technical know-how gathered from our past global experiences and to use this to value-add bringing a complete  visibility in our solutions and services to the retail and financial industry that operates locally and  internationally.



To keep our Customers going well for now and prepare to transform them for the future in receiving new things for their business and operations.

Why we call our Company IronHorse?


The good old days of the Cowboys and Indians where the steam engine was the only secured mode of transport carrying goods from town to town and city to city in the supply chain cycle… the Native Americans called this steam engine IronHorse.


The train and the tracks must be aligned otherwise the train will derail. Likewise in an organisation, business & IT operation flows MUST be aligned for stability and growth.


Once the train and tracks are aligned, the train is able to move efficiently along the journey. If similar occurrence happens in an organisation…with this stability it can leap-frog on new business strategies and opportunities.


Once you have the momentum, it gives you the ability to scale in any gradient or direction to harness its position.