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Supply Chain Management

Bring about connectivity with the respective stakeholders in ensuring item movements are transferred and received correctly

Data Management

Ensure data quality, integrity and values are maintained throughout the business value chain

Centralised & In-Store Systems

Provide Head Office with full visibility across the business giving full control of all business master data – both from the local & global outlets

Demand Forecasting

To know the true position of your inventory level for now and the future based on your inventory movements and demands to avoid zero-level position

Business Intelligence

Analyse and understand business to know what transpired today in order to be prepared for tomorrow

Business Process Management

Ensure that there is workflow control and audit to avoid pitfalls and single point of failures in the business and operations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Simply knowing all about your customers


Setting up of the organisation to move forward in its e-commerce and e-business initiatives

Business Continuity Management & Disaster Recovery

Prepare the organisation to tackle adverse conditions and still have its business up and running during a disaster

Impact of GST

Ensure that your business processes and systems are aligned with that of the Custom’s GST requirements

…and Financial Industry

Document Management System – IBM iSeries

Handle, manage, label and convert all your text-based documents to any required format and to be viewed in any required devices

Application Modernisation – IBM iSeries

Facelift to transform text-based display / screen to new window-based look of your legacy application giving you a new GUI interface of your application without changing your source codes

Data Replication & Disaster Recovery – IBM iSeries

Provide online data replication for your disaster recovery initiatives & swap role-play between the production & disaster recovery centres, and to keep the business going during a disaster

Business Workflow Management System

To provide the complete workflow with controls, audit trails, process approvals & dissolve all pitfalls & single point of failures in your business & operation processes

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Candela has helped us to achieve our ambitious growth plans. With industry best practices built into the system, we have now total control over our operations. Stock management and optimisation across our retail chain is done withers and accuracy.

Imran Ghani Chief Executive Officer

Candela has enabled us to make judicious, real-time decisions by enabling tracking and info audit of critical stock flows. As a result, our audit and control mechanisms have improved resulting in real savings to us.

Mansoor Nawaz Chief Operation Officer

I have been nothing but pleased and excited with your services! In the past four years you have exceeded every expectation I had. I have nothing but praise for your technical and support staff. Not only are they extremely friendly, they are very knowledgeable and have always done everything they could to help us.

Shehzad Elahi Chief Executive


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Reasons why we call our company Ironhorse:

The good old days of the Cowboys and Indians where the steam engine was the only secured mode of transport carrying goods from town to town and city to city in the supply chain cycle…the Native Americans called this steam engine IronHorse.

The train and the tracks must be aligned otherwise the train will derail. Likewise in an organisation, business & IT operation flows MUST be aligned for stability and growth.

Once the train and tracks are aligned, the train is able to move efficiently along the journey. If similar occurrence happens in an organisation…with this stability it can leap-frog on new business strategies and opportunities.

Once you have the momentum, it gives you the ability to scale in any gradient or direction to harness its position.